Our Services


• Future-proof archiving of both physical and digital media.
• Handling of Intellectual property and rights.


• All your organization’s film and image assets in one place.
• Searchable categories and content in a media database (Digital Asset Management).
• Physical and/or digital delivery in most available formats.


We support our customers with the whole or parts of the full Asset Management Business process.

About us

This is Frontema

Frontema started as a company in 2006 but have a long history of handling assets from the marketing and PR business going all back to the 1980ies. Our goal is to act as a prolonged arm to companies who produce film and images and who are in need of technical expertise in the contact with Media houses, TV companies, Advertisement agencies and other partners that may exist in the company’s media territory. Our aim is to be available, knowledgeable, no fuzz proactive people. In short, to assist you focus on your core business instead of spending time searching for a specific film, producer, production or agency. We don’t see ourselves as competitors to any of your organization’s current film or content producers. We act as a player in-between the creative agencies and production companies that your organization hires in for the marketing and publicity work.


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Peter Ohlson

Managing Director
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Patrik Lindh

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Ella Fälth

Customer Support
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Mia Swenson

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Fateh Shams

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Pär Nordstrand

Project Manager
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Morgan Larsson

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